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Honey Bees For Sale
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2020 Bee Pick Up & Beekeeping Class Dates
Taking orders for Nucs, Hives, Supplies - Classes at San Antonio Location Only

San Antonio Area: 4/25 5/02 5/09 Somerset Tx
Houston Area: 4/19 North Fwy near Spring Tx
Austin Area: 4/26  Location to be posted soon

We offer two size options for Nucs. Please review each before placing your order
Prices are 4 Frame $200 or $250 for 5 Frame Nucs


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Type of Bees Italian or Texan
All Nucleus colonies of bees come in a ProNuc transport tote with click lock lids and plenty of ventilation
Prices are per Nuc of bees and you keep the box - no frame or box exchange involved
Please note: If you previously purchased a wood box with bees, we still will honor the box refund policy

      Nuc is short for Nucleus, which is basically a starter colony of bees including honeycomb on frames that fit into a Langstroth style deep hive box. Each Nuc comes with a mated/laying Queen and bees with a balanced mix of the essentials; brood, pollen, nectar and honey. They will come contained and closed in a temporary transport box safe for travel in the cabin of your vehicle, but they will need to be transferred into a standard size 8 or 10 frame deep box, such as a full Hive Set soon to prevent swarming.

Photos of Our Bees

The Spring is the most common time of the year for starting new colonies and making spits that produce additional hives of honeybee.


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Full Size Version of The Above Photos

We offer two size options for Nucs. Please review each one before placing your order.



Size 1 - $200
4 Frames of bees in transport box & feeder
No deposit or return required on transport boxes

Size 2 - $250
5 Frames of bees in transport box - no feeder
No deposit or return required on transport boxes


Options - Italian Bees or Texan Bees
Visit the Types of Bees page for more information

Nuc of Italian Bees
Great for Beginning Beekeepers
4 Frame $200
Select Pickup Date
Primary eMail Required
Please include Primary Phone
Above form for 4 Frame & Below for 5 Frame

5 Frame $250

Select Pickup Date
Primary eMail Required
Please include Primary Phone
Nuc of Texan Bees
Mite Resistant - Local Stock
4 Frame $200
Select Pickup Date
Primary eMail Required
Please include Primary Phone
Above form for 4 Frame & Below for 5 Frame

5 Frame $250

Select Pickup Date
Primary eMail Required
Please include Primary Phone

     You will have the option to add the number of Nucs you would like when you get to the next page after you click the "Add to Cart" button. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like additional information. We will send a notice with all of the needed information a week or so in advance of the scheduled pickup date as well as the physical address to be used on a given date. Please make sure we have the correct and most current email address and phone number when ordering.

     The Nuc is our second most popular starter hive option. (The Apiary Starter Kits are the most popular because the starter kits have boxes, bees and tools.) The Nucs contain all the components of the colony (but do not come with a full size hive box.) Starting with a mated and laying queen bee, frames of brood (eggs and larvae in multiple stages) with nurse or "house bees", frames of pollen, nectar, and honey with workers or "field bees" and a few drones.

     We also offer "Beekeeping Basics" group classes. These are held the same day as bee pickup at our Somerset location. Click here Honeybees 101 for more details.

     Also available are complete Hive Kits with Bees including the hive boxes with a deluxe top and bottom, or select one of our Apiary Starter Kits.

     We treat for Varroa* Mites prior to pickup dates.
* Varroa Destructor - (Varroa spp.) is an external parasitic mite that attacks the honey bees and is considered the number one cause of colony collapse.
Beekeeping Basics




Add Seats for Class Here

In this session we will go over the basics of beekeeping as well as how to set-up, inspect, manage and maintain your new bee hives.

Includes "hands on" in an open hive, protective gear recommended for beginners.

More Beekeeping Class Info Here

Please let us know if you have any questions or need assistance placing an order

Cancellation, Refund and Return Policy:
Since we must make all necessary arrangements and commitments to secure everything needed to fill orders, from equipment to bees to queens etc., all cancellations for refunds must be requested within seven days from the time the order is placed.
Returns for bees: Since bees are livestock and are subject to diseases, pesticides, temperatures and other factors that effect their health, and we have no control over the conditions the bees are subjected to once they leave our yards, we require a notice within 24 hours if there is any health issues with the bees.
Returns for equipment and gear: If there is any issue with any equipment or gear, please let us know within seven days of the receipt of the product and we will arrange for an exchange.

• Ordering Bees • Apiary Starter Kits • Beekeeping Class • Hive Sets • Nuc of Bees • Queen Bees •

• Honey Bees For Sale • Beekeeping Supplies • Ag Exemption • Pollination • Educational • About Us • Contact Us •

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