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Beekeeping Basics
Group Class

Group Class - Schedule Dates Below
Weather permitting of course - with "social distancing" rules applied
Please Note: With the threat of spreading the corona virus, we are limiting our classes to smaller groups until further notice.

Standard Group Class Rates:
$75 per student

This is a small group class designed to prepare new beekeepers with the basic information needed to get started on their journey into the age old art of beekeeping. The objective is to get beginners started off on the right track and focuses on the fundamentals needed to keep healthy and productive hives, with additional guidance on continuing education.

The indoor portion of the class consists of a few hours discussing the key elements that we consider to be most important for keeping bees. Honey bees need a dry home with a healthy vigorous laying queen, plenty of food and finally parasite management (primarily Varroa Mite control). Then we move outdoors and go through an active hive so everyone can learn how to properly address a hive, hold a frame of bees and correctly identify all of the internal components of the hive. Including the food, brood and the three castes of the hive - The Queen, the Workers, and the Drones.

The objective is to help beginning beekeepers understand how to manage and actually handle bees and get past any fears and unneeded intimidation or preconceived notions about honey bees. We think beekeeping should be an enjoyable experience, not a battle or chore.

The class is also full of useful information for anyone simply wanting to learn and know more about honey bees.

After we go over the basics of beekeeping including the "hands on" section there will be plenty of time for Q & A for those that want to stick around and talk bees, weather permitting of course.

The class is normally approximately four hours in length (including breaks) and is held in the fellowship hall of our local church.

However, until COVID-19 is past and we are able to have group meetings again, we are making the lecture sessions available online. Once we receive a payment for the class, we will provide a link to a 5 part mini series and instructions along with the address for the final part of the class.

With the safety threats of the Coronavirus and "social distancing" rules in place, we are now limiting the hands-on session, over an active open hive, to even smaller groups of people.

The classes will generally include, but are not limited to, the following topics of discussion:

  • Equipment
    • Identification and Uses
  • Hive Setup
    • Component Arrangement and Placement
  • Hive Maintenance
    • How often and what to look for during inspections
  • Life Cycle of the Honey Bee
    • Including Tasks of the Workers, Queen and Drones
  • Supplements
    • What, Where, How, When and Why
  • Pests and Diseases of the Hive
    • Identification, Prevention & Treatments
  • Varroa Mite Controls
    • Treatment Methods and Management
  • Swarm Prevention
    • What is all the buzz about
  • Harvesting Honey
    • How much to rob and when

Please Note: The Hands On Session includes going into an active bee hive. We normally work with a very gentle natured non-aggressive hive of Italian bees, therefore full protective gear is not required, but a bee veil is recommended for the general safety of the students.

Spring 2022 - Classes

Location - Online and 1 hour in person in Somerset TX  (South San Antonio Area)

NOTICE: You will receive a link to the Online Video series on the check out confirmation page - after payment.

$75 per Student Ask about our advanced class dates
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Classes to be held in the San Antonio area
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