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Taking orders for April & May Pick Up Dates
Complete Hives, Nucs, Queens, Supplies & Classes

Spring 2023 Honey Bee Colonies
April 8th through May 6th dates currently available

Location: San Antonio, Texas Metro - Somerset Area 78069
By placing an order from The Bee Place, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the process and terms of the Ordering Agreement. Download and Print our Bee Health Certificate

Please Note: Some beekeeping supplies may be limited at this time due to COVID-19 related supply interruptions. Please know that anything ordered from our beekeeping supply pages are subject to back-order and ALL ORDERS are local pick up only - Shipping is not available from our location at this time.

• Painted Boxes w Frames • Bee Hive - Parts •

Extra Hive Boxes for Bee Hive Kits
Mediums or Deeps - Assembled & Painted with Frames



10 Frame Traditional Boxes w/Frames - Medium or Deep Hive Bodies
Medium 6 5/8 - $80 (without bees)
Deep 9 5/8 - $90 (without bees)

All Hives, Bees, Parts and Supplies are - Local Pick Up Only - unless otherwise noted or arrangements are made prior to payment.
Click here for complete Hive Kits with bees
Visit the Bee Pick Up Day FAQs page for hive sizes and transport information

Medium Hive Body with Wood Frames Deep Hive Body with Wood Frames
eMail (provide once per order)
Phone (provide once per order)
eMail (provide once per order)
Phone (provide once per order)

These honey supers (Mediums) and brood chambers (Deeps) are fully assembled and painted, ready to use.

These are made with commercial grade white pine and every box is hand crafted for strength and stability. Theses come complete with assembled Wood Frames (10 per box) with Waxed Rite-Cell Foundation.

All parts are fully assembled and ready to use with bees. The exterior of the boxes are primed and painted with high quality exterior latex house paint for protection from the elements. Custom colors available.

Most items and parts are in stock. However, during the heavy season, some may be limited. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery on all large orders. Please check before placing an order if time is of the essence. All orders are subject to the availability of raw materials. All prices are subject to change without notice.

• Painted Boxes w Frames • Bee Hive - Parts •

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