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Overwintered Colonies

What are overwintered colonies?

These are colonies that we make towards the end of each year from late season splits with freshly mated fall queens. These are colonies we use to rebuild our hive inventory from any winter losses that may occur.

Because of the time of the year we make these splints, they require much more of a time investment to get them through the winter. Since a good deal more time is invested, they are priced slightly higher than spring splits - typically $50 to $100 more each - depending on the source. However, since we raise our own bees, they can be made available for only $30 more each and available before the spring splits.

These colonies are overwintered at our southernmost bee yards down near Brownsville, Tx where the temperature is typically 15 to 20 warmer during the winter months. Each hive is monitored weekly throughout the winter, which is like an extended fall in the Rio Grande Valley. They are checked regularly, fed pollen and/or syrup if needed, and of course treated for mites.  The warmer climate prevents the colonies from shutting down and they are a lot stronger coming into the new year.

We typically use these colonies to rebuild and increase our numbers so we can be ready for the early spring crop pollination for large scale farmers. Such as the California Almond growers and the Rio Grande Valley early watermelon crops that are planted around New Years Day each year.

These fall Queen colonies have a lower tendency to swarm early in the springtime and are still laying vigorously since they have not had a full season to mature yet. We are making an extra reserve this year to satisfy the demand for early bees for those wanting to get an earlier start in the year.

With the supply chain being limited, we will have a limited amount of splits this fall. Orders are filled on a first come - first serve basis. Order early to ensure availability in the early spring.


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Beekeeping Supplies and Products Are Local Pick Up Only (at this time) Except Special Orders

Shipping or delivery arrangements may be made with minimum orders and certain products.

We double check all hives and nucs prior to marking them ready for pick up and rarely have issues, but we are human and prone to mistakes and bees are live animals and prone to change from one day to the next. Therefore we have the following policy and will replace or exchange a colony if we are notified of an issue right away. Waiting more than a week to report an issue is not considered right away.
Cancellation, Refund and Return Policy:
     Honey bees are livestock, therefore they are subject to conditions and other factors that effect their health such as; diseases, pesticides, temperatures, etc. and since we have no control over the conditions the bees are subjected to once they leave our property, we can not be responsible for incidents or accidents after they leave our possession. For these reasons, under normal conditions, we recommended hive inspections before loading and leaving our property and signing off on the order received documents.
    However, with COVID-19 safety concerns, we will honor and respect and waive the pick up day inspections and ask that you please report any issues within 48 hours of receiving your bees. For anyone that has a long way to travel, we would prefer to go through the hives before you leave so in the event of an issue, we can correct it prior to leaving with your order.
     Since we must make all necessary arrangements and commitments to secure everything needed to fill orders, from equipment to reserving bees to securing queens from preferred out of state breeders, etc., we have the following cancellation policy:

Cancellation of Orders: All cancellations for refunds must be requested in writing within seven (7) days from the time the order is placed. A 10% processing fee will be applied to all cancellation requests filled after the seventh day of the order and will be processed as time permits.

Returns for Supplies and Gear: If there is any issue with any equipment, supplies or gear, please let us know within seven (7) days of the receipt of the product and we will arrange for an exchange. All requests for a refund filled after this time are subject to a 10% restocking fee.

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