Below is a sample of the email you will receive a week or so before your scheduled pickup date (typically the Monday prior). These messages are sent in bulk and may end up being filtered by some providers - PLEASE check your spam/junk mail folder if you do not see anything from by Monday evening.

Sample Information Only - The directions and address will also be included.

We are located about 30 miles southwest of downtown San Antonio near Somerset. Since we have more than one apiary and the properties are kept locked for safety reasons, the physical address to be used the day of your appointment will be provided via email - this is to prevent unscheduled visits to the wrong bee farm.

Subject: Bee Pickup and Class 25th (example)

Greetings fellow and future beekeepers,

This message is to confirm the pickup schedule for next weekend and provide directions, basic information and instructions for picking up your order. Please note: We will be holding the basic beekeeping class from 10 am until around 2 pm. For those not attending the class, if possible please plan to come pick up your bees between 3:00 and 4:00 pm. This time is for example only - your time slot may be different, but will not be before 10 am or after 7 pm unless special arrangements are made prior to placing your order)

Do's & Do Not's
What you should bring ... Any time you visit a bee farm, or more aptly referred to as an Apiary, protective gear is always a good idea. If you ordered protective gear from us, we will have it on hand and available when you arrive to pickup your bees. Please be aware that bees will be flying in the area and depending on the weather and other conditions, may be very active. If you or anyone in your party happen to be allergic to bee stings, please remain in your vehicle. The bees that are being picked up will be contained in hives and nuc boxes which are screened in with tops that will not come off during transport. Therefore they can be transported in the back of a car, truck, SUV etc.

However, it is common for a few "loose bees" to be attached to the screen on the bottom of the box you will be loading. These loose bees can easily be brushed off before loading the boxes into an automobile, but they do like to use their wings and will attempt to return to the nest. This is where they will like to stay, so allowing this does not normally present a problem for the loose bees, nor a threat to passengers in the vehicle. If this is a major concern for any of the passengers, you may want to consider a pickup or net the boxes to be carried in your vehicle. A simple search for "beehive transport netting" will return multiple options. We do not provide netting for your hives, but will assist with netting them if you bring the nets.

We recommend using a ratchet strap or equivalent method to secure your bees while in transit. Shade should be considered when stopping on the way to your destination with your bees. Short stops for fuel are not a concern, but like any other live animal, your bees should not be left in the direct sun or excessive heat when they are closed up if the vehicle stops moving for very long during transport. The bees need water to keep the hive cool, so having a spray bottle could be helpful should you have to make an unscheduled stop (flat tire, etc) that takes longer than a few minutes. You can mist the bees from below through the screen if needed.

Please visit the Ordering Bees information page for detailed ordering instructions.

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