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We're committed to ensuring the honey bee's future our communities

     The decline of the honey bee population has been a subject of serious discussion and concern around the world for the last several years. Through a joint effort with the community we hope to help rescue, restore, and rebuild at least some of the bee population, as well as help educate others about the importance of these unique and much needed creatures. Our goal is to offer assistance to anyone wanting to get involved in the age old art of beekeeping by providing the basics needed to get started.
      Listed below are the honey bee related products and services we offer to help keep existing bees from becoming statistics and also help those with crops in need of pollination, satisfy their needs safely and effectively. By educating the public, helping newcomers get started in beekeeping, offering pollinating services where they are needed, providing bees and supplies for beginners as well as experienced beekeepers, we hope to contribute by doing our part to keep the beloved honey bees off the extinction lists. We are developing a Beekeepers Mentor Network to facilitate the process of making adequate educational development accessible to everyone.

  "Through education and observation, the gratification of understanding can be achieved." GD

Honey Bees For Sale or Lease - Nucs, Colonies and Queen Bees
     Are you or someone you know wanting to keep bees or add to your current apiary? We offer honey bees of a gentle nature and top quality genetics. Depending on the season and what we have in stock, we offer a variety of options including starter Nucs (colony nucleus), full colonies and queens when available. Please visit our Honey Bees For Sale page for prices, options and availability. Ask about our lease options for community garden pollination and Agricultural Valuation aka Ag Exemption purposes. (more below)

Beekeeping Basics - Group and Private Classes
We offer group classes that provide the basic information and instructions needed to get started in beekeeping. Honeybees 101 for adults and youth as well.  Bees can be fun for the entire family to experience and enjoy. Come out to pick up your hives and stay for an afternoon of gleanings in beekeeping, as they say, with a member of the Master Beekeeper Program of Texas including a Q & A segment as well as hands on segment over an active hive - where you will learn to identify the various makings of the hive, including locating the queen and finding her eggs as well as learning first hand the difference in sealed and unsealed brood and capped honey, nectar and pollen.
Visit our Educational (Information & Resources Pages) for an overview of the "Basic" information we cover in the class.
Advanced and private lessons are by appointment only.

Beekeeping Gear - Hives, Tools & Supplies
     We offer a full line of Beekeeping Supplies. From basic Bee Hive Sets to full Apiary Starter Kits to Individual Hive Parts, Clothing & Protective Gear, Feeders, to the Tools & Accessories needed, we are here to help. The standard 10 Frame Langstroth style hives are the most common, so that is what we recommend and use in our own yards. These are the type we have most readily available, but we also offer the Langstroth 8 frame equipment if needed. We keep the most of the basics in stock, but for large orders we may require time to fabricate and / or treat raw woodenware to protect it from the elements. Please Note: Beekeeping Supplies and Bees are Local Pickup and by Appointment Only - We are a bee farm and work our bees at more than one location. We do not have a store for "walk in shopping", therefore all equipment and bee pickups are on scheduled pickup dates or by appointment only. Thanks for understanding.

Pollination Services - What's in your Crops?
      The bulk of the world's crops require pollination by pollinating insects such as honey bees, some birds and even bats. Many crops benefit and produce at a much higher rate when honey bees are introduced to the fields when the crops are in bloom. We understand this need by fellow farmers, but we also value our bees, so only offer Pollination Services to chemical conscious farmers. Anyone requesting our bee pollination services must be operating a pesticide free environment and sign a contract agreeing to meet this requirement. Meaning, if and when chemicals are to be used on the farms around or near the bee yards, ample notice will be given so the bees can be protected.

Pure Honey - We offer a variety of pure golden sweetness
      As the bees gather the nectar from the wildflowers, the clover, or the mesquites and even the highly sought after huajilla blooms, they all offer their unique flavors and colors in the honey they produce. Some say the huajilla honey actually has healing properties. We have bees in more than one area, so when the weather allows the bees to produce an excess, then we offer "local honey" in bulk from multiple areas. Contact Us to find out what we currently have available.

Agriculture Valuation aka "Ag Exemption" - Hive Leasing Services
      For those that do not care to become beekeepers, but want to have bees on their property to service the community and save on property taxes, we can help. We lease our hives to land owners needing pollination bees on their property to qualify for tax breaks. These are hives that are there to pollinate the crops, gardens, flowers and trees in the area for the entire community. With this service, we do everything from the initial set-up of the apiary and place the hives in a suitable location out of the way of normal foot traffic and pets on the customer's property. We then manage the hives for the required time period their county requires to qualify for the ag value on the land. We charge an annual fee based in part on mileage to the property from our location. We have a simple maintenance agreement that the property owner can attach to the application to the appraisal district for the initial Ag Valuation or conversion from a different type of ag use on the land. Such as raising goats, cattle, or even hay production. Visit the Agricultural Exemption - with Honey Bees page or Contact Us for more details.

Apitherapy - Bees for Bee Venom Therapy (BVT)
      There are countless health issues that are being treated with the use of the beloved honey bees. These range from Arthritis to Lyme Disease and have been helpful for many years. Small quantities of BVT Bees can be purchased for using in treatments. Please use the Contact Us page to inquire about custom size orders. For more information on BVT, visit our Apitherapy Information page.

     We are registered with and permitted by the Texas Apiary Inspection Service. We service south, central and parts of east Texas and will consider other areas as well. Contact Us or click the links below for more information and to see photos galleries and bee supply options. References and current health certificates available.

Photos of Our Bees

The Spring is the most common time of the year for starting new colonies and making spits that produce additional hives of honeybee. We're seeing a late Spring bloom this year in many areas.


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