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Bee Relocation Photos
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When we are called in to remove and relocate honey bees, we normally take a few photos of the process. Follow the links below, or click on a small image to see full sets of photos of the unique places and ways honey bees make their nests.

Bass Boat- Under Dash

Storage Shed - Under Floor

Roof Eave - Garage

Inside Wall - Old Barn

Camper Trailer - Cabinet

Under Floor - House Interior

Wall Cavity - House Exterior

Apartment - Bedroom Ceiling

Storage Room - Sub Floor Exposed Carport Ceiling

811 Rescue - Construction Site

Interior Wall

Under Trailer House Trellis & Vines Inside Wall - Corpus Christi Under Floor Storage Building

  Cinder Blocks   Compost Bin   Porch Cabinet   Siding   Bass Boat   Shed   Roof Eave   Inside Wall 
  Camper Cabinet   Under Floor   Wall Cavity   Apt Ceiling   811 Rescue   Exterior Wall 
  Under Trailer House   Trellis & Vines   Inside Wall - Corpus Christi   Under Floor Storage Building  

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