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811 Call to Rescue Bees
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Emergency Bee Removal Process - South Texas - Northwest SA Area

We were called in to remove and relocate these honey bees after their hive was destroyed by a bull dozer that was clearing some brush and trees. The client informed us the bees were needing to be removed because they were in a frenzy and disarray since the dozer knocked over the tree and destroyed their home. There was bits of  honeycomb scattered amongst limbs and sections of the tree trunk that had been pushed into a large pile. The client wanted the bees removed and relocated asap because the down tree was next to a housing development and he was concerned for the residents as well as his workers.
We arrived on location within a couple of hours after the incident, just after a heavy thunderstorm which created a big mess in the vacant field where they were clearing brush. I put a bait hive in the area where the bees were beginning to regroup and cluster.
These are a few of the photos taken on the scene the following day before and during the removal of bait hive.

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To relocate the bees, I decided to try to bait them into a "Nuc" box. I carefully gathered as much comb as I could find laying around on the ground near the brush pile. I looked for comb that was still somewhat in tact that also included their brood and placed the comb in sections into hive frames. The frames were placed into the bait hive, a waxed cardboard Nuc box, made for transporting bees.
I then placed the bait hive into the fork of the tree where the bees were attempting to cluster and within minutes many of the bees started going inside. Others formed clusters around the hive on the tree branches around the bait hive.

When we arrived the next evening, we found the bait hive to be highly effective. The entrance was packed full of bees and as shown in the images, there were bees all around the hive. I removed the box from the tree and took the lid off and placed it into a large storage bin for transport. Once I coaxed the bees inside, by waiting until just after dark and using a light to attract them with, I took the bin over to the large brush pile and was able to retrieve a couple hundred more bees that were gathered on a piece of the split tree that was their former home.
They were then relocated to our safe and eco friendly bee yard where they will be joined with another hive and do what bees like to do, collect pollen make honey and raise their young.

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